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Vanilla Cultured Coconut Cream


Vanilla cultured coconut crème consistently goes well with so many desserts. On the other hand, it also has many benefits for your health. Moreover, adding coconut crème can also prove to be an icing on the cake. Coconut is quickly becoming the new “superfood” of all the ingredients and whether you choose to enjoy it raw, in coconut milk, use coconut flour in your baking, cook with coconut oil or drink coconut water during your day by day workout, the undeniable truth is that there is a great deal of nutrition packed into a relatively small nut.

Amazing Benefits of Coconut as an ingredient in desserts

The coconut meat is the rich white lining inside of the coconut shell. It very well may be eaten raw, whizzed into smoothies or used in cooking and baking. While coconut meat has long been thought unhealthy because of its high saturated fat content, recent studies have discovered that the type of triglycerides that it contains, called MCT’s, are transported from the intestinal tract to the liver and immediately converted to fuel, meaning that there are very few left in the bloodstream.

They are also thought to increase the body’s ketone levels, helping to regulate glucose and potentially avoid neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s. Coconut meat is thought to help avert heart disease and strokes just as being plentiful in Vitamins A and E and polyphenols and phytosterols, which help to lower LDL cholesterol, a high-hazard factor for cardiovascular disease.

Besides desserts like Vanilla Cultured Coconut Cream Desserts, coconut meat can be used as a topping on servings of mixed greens, made into coconut chutney, toasted and used on cookies and cakes or made into a smoothie using low-fat yogurt, berries, bananas, and other healthy ingredients.

With so many health benefits of coconut, you cannot afford to ignore this wonderful health ingredient. Fortunately, we at Renee’s Live use coconut as an ingredient to manufacture the best organic ice cream in the market. On the other hand, all our products are organically manufactured enabling us to deliver organic desserts at the best rates.

About Renee’s Live

Renee’s Live needs no introduction as we are the No.1 in organic ice cream manufacturer. At our facility, we generally use simple and organic ingredients that are wealthy in nutrients and also free from unsafe pesticides. On the other hand, all the ingredients that we use are vegan, dairy-free, and plant-based.

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