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Coconut Creme Desserts


In this world that is brimming with unhealthy food and ingredients, it is very difficult to find the best healthy methods for eating food and desserts. With the unhealthy consumption, there are more chances that you can get fat and also can suffer from different diseases. So, for a healthy body and a better living, Renee’s Live is here to deliver you the best organic nice cream for your healthy.

As you most likely are aware, ice cream contains chemicals and sugar that are destructive for your health, however here at Renee’s Live, we don’t use unsafe ingredients for our desserts. Moreover, all our ingredients are natural and organic. Hence, the outcome of this will be natural and organic nice cream. One of our prevalent desserts at Renee’s Live is Coconut Crème Desserts.

Think about Coconut Crème health realities

Normally fresh coconut crème contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) which are good for the liver and it’s also good replacement energy for your brain. At Renee’s Live, we use coconut crème as an ingredient because of the health realities that are discussed here:

Good for digestion

Coconut crème contains good fiber which helps to aid in the digestion process. And this fiber also may helps to reduce weight.

Prevent cholesterol Level

The Medium Chain Fatty Acids which is available inside coconut crème may help to aid the cholesterol level of our body.

Mineral Content of Coconut Crème

Fresh coconut crème also contains a significant measure of copper and potassium mineral compared with other foods grown from the ground. Normally phosphorus is useful for the growth of muscle and copper is good for improving the production of red platelets. Manganese is another valuable mineral for the human body which use to improve metabolize fat and protein in our body.

Valuable Vitamin

Coconut crème also contains valuable vitamins, for example, vitamin A and Vitamin B which are essential vitamins in the human body.

High-Calorie Content

Since coconut contains high-calorie, it falls under superfood in the health and fitness industry.

Reduce Heart Diseases

Using coconut for everyday food may also be good for reducing the rate of heart diseases.

Highly Processed Coconut crème contains a great deal of water in it and it can very easily gets contaminated. So, we use immediately the coconut crème when we get it fresh.

Our Story as the best Organic Dessert Manufacturer

At Renee’s Live, we use the best in class technology and ice cream manufacturing machines that help us to overcome the demand of organic ice cream. Additionally, these technologies help us to keep our costs as low as could reasonably be expected. This is the reason why you are getting our organic desserts at a competitive price.

At Renee’s Live, all our procedures are innovative and we also make sure that there is no compromise on the quality of the products that we deliver it to you. Tell us in the comments section below, how useful and informative this post is for you.