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About Renee’s Live

In 2006 Renee was diagnosed with multiple, serious debilitating illnesses. After embracing the benefits of a diet including coconut, she has returned to a vibrant, productive lifestyle. Renee’s passion is to share the success of her journey thru Renee’s LIVE and her indulgent frozen desserts.

Renee's LIVE Coconut Crème Desserts have the attributes you wont find in any other ice cream.

Cheers to an incredible journey.

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Lemon Ginger & Tumeric

Renee's LIVE luscious LGT Lemon, Ginger, Turmeric cultured coconut crème has a light, lemony flavor, balanced with the warmness of ginger, and subtle undertones from the turmeric.

Reishi Cold Brew Latte

The best of both worlds.... old world Eastern inspired Reishi meets the Cold Brew of the West...introducing Renee's LIVE Reishi Cold Brew Latte ice cream.

Smoky Chocolate Chipotle

Chipotle Renee's LIVE Smoky Chocolate Chipotle Cultured Coconut Crème, slightly sweet with a little kick.

Sugar Free Chocolate

Renee's LIVE Sugar Free Chocolate Cultured Coconut crème has less that 1 gram of sugar per serving.

Maca Nilla

Energy boosting Maca enhances the flavor of fresh, fair trade Madagascar vanilla bean.

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